Recipes with Brown Rice Vinegar
Recipe Brief Description
Basil Pignoli Dressing This dressing is wonderful served over grains or pasta.
Brown Rice Main Meal Salad A favorite with everyone who has tried it. The almonds are a must.
Carrot-Daikon Slaw Daikon is a white radish that tastes similar to the red variety.
Carrot-Sesame Dip Sweet potatoes or winter squash work nicely here too. Serve with toasted pita chips and celery sticks.
Crunch Salad with Miso Dressing Any crunchy vegetable will do.
Gingered Pork Salad Get in the habit of having leftovers from the night before and you can prepare delicious salads like this!
Noodle Salad with Tofu Green Goddess Dressing Full of crunch and flavor.
Orange-Tempeh Salad Light and lovely for warm weather lunching.
Oriental Turkey Salad Inspired leftovers!
Quinoa Tofu Salad The toasted sesame oil makes this salad irresistable.
Red Cabbage and Soba Noodles A delicious blend of flavors for red cabbage.
Soba Noodle Salad with Shallots Serve with a crunchy cucumber-tomato salad.
Tofu Egg Foo Young Make extra and freeze.
Watercress Roll-Ups A feast for the eyes with the light and dark greens and a shock of orange. Your palate will love the clean taste.
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