Recipes with Kale
Recipe Brief Description
Bowl of Dark Greens This is how you learn to love dark, leafy vegetables!
Braised Greens and Barley Serve alongside an entree with sliced tomatoes.
Crunchy Walnut Red White and Greens Small red potatoes, smoked whitefish, and a variety of greens are the base of this very flavorful dish.
Garlicky Chick Pea Soup with Greens Serve with a whole grain roll and a side salad.
Hope's Tofu Stew This will warm you from the inside out during a chilly fall or winter day.
Pasta with Beans and Greens
Southern Beans and Greens If you are not familiar with how to prepare dark greens, this recipe is an easy way to start.
Spelt Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Navy Beans Rich flavors of the broccoli rabe and herbs and the creamy texture of the beans make this a wonderful dish.
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