Recipes with Sage
Recipe Brief Description
Fruited Harvest Stuffing Fruit and nuts make this stuffing company fare!
Half and Half Turkey Loaf This is a tasty way to introduce tofu into your diet.
Home Roasted Nuts Makes a great Holiday snack...or at any other time of the year too!
Lentil Burgers Make a double batch and freeze after cooking. Will keep up to 6 months in the freezer.
Morning Turkey Sausage Be sure to use ground turkey breast instead of packaged ground turkey which usually contains ground skin.
Pumpkin Walnut & Orange Ravioli Serve with a spinach and tomato salad and whole grain bread.
Shepherds Pie An "umm" in every bite.
Squash Rings with Chard and Walnut Pasta Enjoy the winter squash harvest with this recipe.
Tempeh Sausage Increase or decrease the spiciness to suit your taste.
Tempeh Turkey Don't wait until November to enjoy this dish.
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